About me C++ Programmer

Ever since my first program in C at college, I have wanted to be a programmer. Soon after, I made the decision to become a games programmer. I did a BSc in Computer Science with Games Development and MSc in Games Programming at the University of Hull.

Puzzle Obsessed

I find great joy in solving puzzles. They offer you a problem in a clear way. You can get to work right away and start understanding what makes it tick until you devise how to solve the problem at hand. It is truly rewarding when you finally crack it; and can say "I have solved it!". This is one of the main reasons I find programming so enjoyable. The problem maybe hidden behind some code, misleading errors, design flaw or even a piece of slightly incorrect maths, but it does not matter. It makes it more fun.

Hunger for knowledge

I've always wanted to know more. Some of my earliest memories are buying scientific books with my parents, going to museums, asking questions at school no one else thought of; these memories all end with the joy of learning something new. Programming brings this in a totally different way. I feel as if there is so much programming has to offer me. Its applicable to so much: sciences, graphics, simulations, maths, games, business, networking, computing... the list is endless. This is why I work in programming. There's so much to it, and it's evolving every year. Not to mention my love of games.


Ever since I got my first games console at the age of six (PlayStation), I've never really stopped playing. I've played countless games and to choose a favourite would be difficult. It's not just that they are fun, now that I understand how games are made, I can appreciate what goes into them. That makes the whole experience more interesting and more enjoyable. I enjoy sharing games with my friends, they share the fun that I have.