I joined Leonardo in Edinburgh on the 6th of February 2017. This was after leaving Frontier Developments and taking a break to pursue my own projects.

Leonardo is a large defence company. They create a vast assortment of complex machinery: helicopters, satellites, UAVs, laser directed energy weapons, radars and much more. The Edinburgh site where I work develops the CAPTOR-E radar for the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Please note, due to the nature of my work at Leonardo I am unable to divulge all of my tasks and related technologies since much of it is classified information.

At Leonardo I am part of the Advanced Research team. One of the team’s tasks is to participate in SECT-AIR. SECT-AIR (UNCLASSIFIED) is a shared project to research methods of reducing software development costs. "My role in this task is targeted towards specific aspects of software design which facilitate reuse, abstraction, decoupling, etc.

The areas I have researched are:

Domain specific languages (DSL)
• Design patterns for hard real-time applications
Architecture description languages (ADL)
Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP, CSPm, FDR)
event-B, Z, Alloy
SMT solvers
Petri nets and Petri net variants
Service oriented architectures (SOA)
Real-time operating systems and operating systems
Meta-modelling, EMF, model transformations, etc
Graph databases and their applications

In addition to the above research, I have also created:

• Prototype framework for the creation of service oriented software
• Experiments with new in-house cross platform communication library
• Flight trial scenario to demo a service oriented system with SimDis and AirSim
• Parser and processor for property values in ECOA tooling

Working on the radar gives me a valuable opportunity to see how my research can be applied to large projects. I also developed small tools for CAPTOR-E that featured some areas of my research and my present task is to contribute directly to the radar’s development.