I joined Team17 on the 6th of March 2013 (soon after graduating from my MSc). Initially I started work on Worms 3 iOS with less than five other programmers. I had no previous experience with iOS but took to it with ease.

Worms 3 iOS was published, then I was moved on to the Android version of the game with one other programmer. The majority of the time I was the only programmer on Android, but other programmers would have temporary visits to assist in completing tasks that were too large to be completed in the required timeframe.

Below are some notable tasks I achieved / responsibilities I had while working at Team17:

Worms 3 iOS (8 months):

• Implemented game side code to interact with the server.
• Created numerous in-game screens.
• Implemented save game encryption.

Worms 3 Android (8 months):

• Google+ sign in.
• Google in app purchasing.
• Amazon in app purchasing.
• Implemented cross platform compatible save game.
• Created all the Android builds.
• Re-implemented the game's JNI functionally.
• Added analytics API.
• Added advert API.
• De-coupled the platform specific API usage to allow a simple build process.
• Fixed a plethora amounts of crashes.

Prototype project:

I was given two weeks to create a prototype game on iOS which needed creating as quickly as possible. The outcome surpassed expectations and the game and its appearance was very well received by senior staff.

Game Jam Winner 2014:

I got started with this project when Bossa studios approached Team17 suggesting we do a "super game jam" (game jam across companies). Future Games Of London heard about the event and wanted in as well.

Team17 asked if I would be one of the programmers for the game jam. I accepted, and was eager to start.

On Thursday 6th of February, the theme was announced: "Resilience". Our time started ticking down. We had two days to complete the project.

In a room of artists, designers and two programmers, a fellow programmer, Dan Foster, came up with the idea of a rotating planet with life on its surface struggling to survive bombardment from space.

We started coding soon after; you can see us in action below (left - Dan Foster, right - Karl Hutchinson).

Unity was used to develop the game rapidly. It didn't take long until we had a playable game; while it could still be improved, it has a lot of potential:

Despite being up against Bossa's three large teams and Future games of London's two teams, our team (Team17's only team) was triumphant.

Team17 was so pleased with the game they added a few of user friendly features and mad it available on iOS. See here for a gameplay video.

To find out more about the stiff competition check out the official game jam twitter page here.

Escapists Xbox One (2 months):

Chris Davies (creator of The Escapists) approached Team17 with a proposal that they "port" his game to Xbox One because Microsoft was interested in his game. Soon after, I was poached (from Worms 3 Android) onto the Escapists team. Our task was to remake the whole game in a short time using Unity for Xbox One.

I was responsible for much of the backend workings of the game such as:
• Interactive objects -- beds, sun lounges, desks, doors (including timed locking), TV, falling off buildings, "chipping" walls, fences, electric fences (including animations and knockback), generators (disables electric fence and cameras), metal detectors (including animation) etc.
• Crafting system and crafting items.
• Picking up objects -- desks, NPCs.
• All inventories -- player's, desk's, locker's (reusable configurable object) etc.
• Item functionality (including animations) -- shovel, pickaxe, clippers, grappling hook, keys, putty, contraband pouch, fake poster, fake fence, "Bed dummy", bed sheets.
• Items spawning at start of game (in item inventories).
• Snipers / outside towers.
• Spotlights / roof spotlights / spotlight paths.
• Truck / truck path and Stinger (disables truck, with animation).
• Mines (mine field, kills player).
• Save Game -- XML based save game with simple interface.

Most of these features can be seen in this gameplay video: